The Voice of America (“a multimedia international broadcasting service funded by the US Government through the Broadcasting Board of Governors”) covers the opening of the UK Supreme Court and the separation of the judiciary from the legislature. UKSCBlog’s Hugh Tomlinson and Dan Tench offer their views on the move, the importance of televising hearings and whether the Justices will be more inclined to take “an aggressive approach against parliament and the executive”.

Update: You can now listen to VOM’s broadcast on this.

Fox News also picks up on the Associated Press story on the hearing in HM Treasury v A.

Whilst we’ve already mentioned the blogsphere’s initial view of UKSCBlog in our earlier post, the Boston College Librarians’ blog, Boston College Legal Eagle, gives us a plug – but suggests that UKSCBlog is for those “more interested in past history and daily gossip”. Simon Fodden at Canadian law blog comments that “The UKSCblog (I’m not liking uk-suk as the way to say the new court) is designed frankly as a “mirror” of the American SCOTUS blog.” There is also some interesting discussion in the comments section of his post.

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