The UKSC blog team were delighted to have the opportunity last Friday to meet up with Lyle Denniston from SCOTUSblog – our equivalent over the pond. Lyle was in London for the week and we spent an enjoyable afternoon touring the Inns of Court and benefitting from his fifty four years of experience of covering the US Supreme Court over a pub lunch. We heard the inside story of SCOTUSblog’s “Obamacare” coup in June this year – SCOTUSblog provided the best coverage of the Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act when both CNN and Fox News wrongly reported that the mandate had been struck down. The blog received 5.3 million hits from 1.7 million unique readers during the day.  We also compared blog team structures, how we liaise with our respective courts and the docket system of the US court.

We would like to thank Lyle and his companions for visiting and look forward to collaborating with SCOTUSblog in the future.