In a speech delivered to the “Legal Week Litigation Forum” yesterday, Supreme Court Chief Executive Jenny Rowe gave a short overview of “where we are now” in relation to the Court.  

 She drew attention to the fact that, apart from the transfer of the “devolution” jurisdiction from the Privy Council, the UKSC will have no powers that the House of Lord Judicial Committee did not already have.     She highlighted a few points in the new Supreme Court Rules – including Rule 15 (which allows for for interventions in permission to appeal) – and said that the rules would be kept under review, and feedback was welcoming.

Of interest to readers users of UKSCBlog she noted that the case management system was not yet up and running – but that when it was, key information would be accessible via the website.  This is obviously welcome – the recently published list of Future “Judicial Sittings” is woefully lacking in information – not even identifying the decision appealed from or the subject matter of the appeal.

The speech is short and informative and we commend it to readers.  Short biographies of Jenny Rowe and the rest of the USKC executive team can be found on the court’s website