The launch of UKSC Blog has produced a ripple of interest in the blogosphere.   Tracking the references has enabled us to catch up on some new legal blogs and some old friends.

Thanks, first of all, to our friend Heather Brooke (she of the indispensable Your Right to Know blog) for her tweet that “It seems at last English lawyers are adapting to the 21st century”.  We try.

Joshua Rozenberg also gave us a mention in his always well informed blog “Joshua Rozenberg on Law”. The dynamic Times “Law Central” blog notes our birth and our debt to ScotUSblog – which has also recorded the fact that we have started the blog.

Simon Fodden of the “Cooperative Canadian weblog on things legal”, slaw gives us a mention and we are pleased to have made it into the category of “Court Blogs” on the interesting blog – the Irish for Rights (it really is) – which has a long and impressive list of legal, and legal related blogs (too many to count).

We have also been put onto Delia Venables’ comprehensive list of legal blogs, news feeds, podcasts and wikis.  This is an old friend from the very early days of the internet.  Her site is now 13 years old and still going strong.

Boston College Legal Eagle suggests that we are a blog for those interested in “past history and legal gossip” – well, not quite how we see ourselves.

The Property Law Blog gives us a mention in an interesting post combining the Supreme Court and the Air Guitar UK Championships (which provides better photos).  Thank you, too for the mention on “the smart e-discovery blog” – one we had missed up to now.

We were also picked up by the Yale University Comparative Administrative Law Blog which mentions us in a piece on the launch of UK Supreme Court and also by the Canadian law librarian blog, Library Boy.

Ampersand Stable (the other home of Matrix’s Aidan O’Neill QC, profilic writer and forthcoming Blog contributor) mentions us in a tweet.

Thanks everyone and let’s hope that the ripple will soon be a wave..

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