As we pointed out last week, the launch of UKSC Blog attracted some interest in the blogosphere.   This interest continues, with one or two posts attracting comment.   This gives us the opportunity to mention some interesting legal blogs which have been drawn to our attention.

Dutch readers may be interested by the discussion of Conor Gearty’s post on the “Publiekrecht en politiek” blog – unfortunately our Dutch is not sufficient to report what was said.  We will ask our Amsterdam correspondent.  In the meantime, some idea of content can be got using Google’s translate facility.

Conor Gearty’s article also attracts comment on our Canadian cousin, The Court (the Canadian Supreme Court Blog) where he is described (somewhat unfairly) as being in “full swoon” over the new Court and is also given what we think he might regard as a defamatory description a “decidedly New Labour-ite”.  We are not sure that they got his drift.

We are given a mention on the Crime and Consequences blog – which discusses US criminal law with particular reference to the US Supreme Court.  UKSC Blog is now listed on the very useful Binary Law blog which lists a huge amount of legal information available in electronic form.  On this topic, we must mention the extraordinary US based Blawg Directory which lists no less than 4593 legal blogs in 69 categories.  It also has a section for Legal Birds – lawyers on Twitter

We were mentioned by the interesting blog devoted to legal developments and summary prosecutions in the Australian state of Victoria, Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?   We have also been mentioned by a number of “library blogs” – a very active sub-genre – including Pace Law Library.  There is also a mention on the law student’s guide “Lawbore

We are also pleased to see that we rank first on Google searches for “UKSC Blog” – ahead of the blog for the United Kingdom Starlet Club – enthusiasts for the “Toyota Starlet”.

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