gallery-confetti_02We are excited to announce that Lord Brown of Eaton-under-Heywood, recently retired from the Supreme Court bench, has picked a winner of the 2013 UKSC Blog essay competition, and three runners-up. It was a closely-run race, with Lord Brown stating he was impressed with the quality of the entries, particularly of the final four:

 “All four essays were in their differing ways intelligent and perceptive; it is not surprising that each was short-listed.”

Congratulations to Daniel Isenberg, whose essay on dissent and collegiality amongst Supreme Court judges (by way of the FA Rule book!) has been selected as the winning entry. First runner up was Michael Green, who wrote about the place of dissent in the future of common law. Second and third runners up were Lucas Ford and Adam Coomer respectively.

Although the essay question on “rogue justice” proved popular, there were some notable entries on the subject of the Supreme Court as a constitutional entity, frequently discussing the influence of Europe on the Court. There were some interesting metaphors employed in the entries including Supreme Court judgments as a tube of Smarties, law as overgrown ivy, the judiciary as a tree, and the personification of the essay title into a superhero.

Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry, and we’ll be posting a selection of essays soon.