One of the many benefits of producing this blog has been to alert the Editorial team to the existence of a number of legal blogs – some of which we had followed only occasionally, others of which are new discoveries.   We are pleased to see that some of these blogs have started picking up our posts and we have tried to draw attention to postings relevant to the UKSC.  We have links in the box on the right hand side of the page to some (but not all) of the blogs that we look at regularly and are of relevance to the UKSC. There are a number of other legal blogs which we have found consistently useful and interesting (in no particular order). 

The Irish rights blog is consistently thoughtful on a wide range of topics (and with the impressive Human Rights in Ireland provides a human rights legal resource unmatched in the UK).  We refer in particular to the recent series of posts on defamation and freedom of speech issues.

We have often referred to the housing law blog, Nearly Legal for its up to date and thoughtful commentary – we even forgive them for describing UKSC Blog as “technically and practically horrible to use” when commenting on our recent post on Lord Neuberger’s speech on social housing (seriously, we would be delighted if readers drew or attention to particular technical and practical issues – we are having a “technical upgrade” shortly).

In the field of data protection and freedom of information we draw attention to Datomony, the 11 KBW Panopticon blog and the UK Freedom of Information Blog. And for non lawyers there is our friend Heather Brooke’s entertaining but recently only intermittently updated Your Right to Know blog – she has a book to write.

An Internet resource which we have only just come across is CjS – Criminal Justice in Scotland – which provides a rich collection of up date resources on criminal matters in the Scottish courts and Parliament.  Their news section is comprehensive and up to date – and picked up Aidan O’Neill’s post on the forthcoming Scots appeals within a few hours of it being put up.  Continuing the recent Scottish theme, we would also remind readers about the Devolution Matters blog – there have been a lot of developments in this area in recent weeks, in Wales and Northern Ireland as well as Scotland, all well covered.

International law is particularly well served by blogs – we mention, Opinion Juris, the International Law Prof Blog and, our particular favourite, IntLawGrrls.

Finally, we mention the popular “Jack of Kent” blog – which describes itself as “a skeptical and liberal look at law by Legal Writer Allen Green” – he is particularly interested freedom of expression issues (but has been blogging less frequently recently because he is writing a book on “Bad Law”).

Some (but not all) of these blogs link to UKSC Blog.  But all of them provide quick and up to date access to original content in their subject areas which is what blogging shoud be all about.