On Monday, BAA confirmed that it would be selling Stanstead airport following the Court of Appeal’s decision to uphold the decision of the Competition Commission, handed down in March 2009, that Stansted Airport and one of either Glasgow and Edinburgh airports should be sold.  A BAA spokesperson said on Monday:

Having carefully considered the Court of Appeal’s recent ruling, BAA has decided not to appeal to the Supreme Court and is now proceeding with the sale of Stansted airport“.

On Tuesday, US gossip website TMZ published naked pictures of Prince Harry, taken in Las Vegas.  Harbottle & Lewis, acting for Clarence Housepromptly issued warning letters to the British press via the Press Complaints Commission (PCC), in which it was stated that publication of the photographs would be an invasion of the Prince’s right to privacy under the PCC Code and there was no public interest in such publication.

The Sun newspaper first mocked up the scenes in question on Thursday using their staff, and then, after what may have been initial, post-Leveson reluctance, today became the first British newspaper to publish the photos .  In an editorial, The Sun stated that there was a “clear public interest” in publishing the photos “in order for the debate around them to be fully informed“.  It added:

The photos have potential implications for the Prince’s image representing Britain around the world.

“There are questions over his security during the Las Vegas holiday. Questions as to whether his position in the army might be affected. Further, we believe Harry has compromised his own privacy.”

It remains to be seen whether other British newspapers will follow suit, and whether Clarence House will pursue a complaint with the PCC.

The Assange stand-off continues, and after the WikiLeaks founder gave a statement from the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy on Sunday, calling on President Obama to stop the “witch hunt” against him, the week began with attacks to several Government websites, including the Ministry of Justice and the Home Office, by computer hacking collective Anonymous.

Police officers have been briefed to arrest Mr Assange should he attempt to leave the embassy in a diplomatic bag or vehicle, and the UK Government has today formally written to the Ecuadorian embassy in an attempt to resume talks over his position.

The men convicted of murdering Stephen Lawrence have been denied permission to appeal  against their conviction by a single judge sitting in the High Court.  Permission to appeal will now have to be sought from the Court of Appeal itself.