The Supreme Court has issued its third Annual Report and Accounts. For the statistically minded, there are some interesting facts and figures:

  •  Just under 250 applications for permission to appeal were made to the Supreme Court over the last financial year, and around 230 were considered by the Justices over the same period.
  • Overall, the rate of applications granted permission to appeal has fallen slightly against 2010-11.
  • A broad analysis of the court’s incoming pipeline of cases where permission to appeal has been granted this year suggests an increasing number relating to extradition and employment law, and fewer cases involving immigration or planning matters.
  • UKSC Justices have visited (take a deep breath) China, Mongolia, Qatar, Bulgaria, The USA, Russia, India, Bhutan, Malaysia, Belgium, Georgia, France, Greece, The Netherlands, France, Austria, Germany and Spain.
  • The Court cost approximately £13m to run in 2011/12 and recouped almost £7m in court fees, contributions from the UK court services, and other income.
  • The Court has welcomed almost 75,000 visitors in the last twelve months, including almost 320 groups from schools and colleges.
  • 390,000 distinct online visitors to the Court website were recorded over the course of the year.