The well presented Supreme Court website  now has another function operational – that dealing with “Current Cases”.  This means that it is now possible to access, via the “Current Cases” tab, details of the three appeals currently being heard.

This appears to be part of the Court’s new “Case Managment” system and, rather like the “Case Tracker” for Civil Appeals on the Court Service Website, under “Full Case Details” (for example, for A v HM Treasury) provides details of when the relevant documents where lodged, the justices allocated to the case and so on.   At present, this deals only with the cases currently before the court and not for pending cases.  We hope that this latter functionality will be added soon.  …

Like the Court of Appeal Case Tracker but unlike, say, the equivalent system in the Canadian Supreme Court (see our recent post on an “information wish list“) the Case Information does not attach the documents which have been lodged.

The court does not yet have information about the “interim” hearings and orders made by the Supreme Court.

Unfortunately, there is no news about the Privy Council website – the link on the Supreme Court site leads us to a page which still says “Information about the new Judicial Committee website will be posed here when available”.  So far this week the “Today’s Sittings” on the Supreme Court site have ignored the Privy Council cases which are being heard.

We await further developments.

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