The Supreme Court website is now linking to the Court’s Case Management system which provides “Full Case Details”.  At present this link only operates for “Current Cases” but will soon be available for all case pending before the Court.  The Case Management system means that “Case Details” are available in relation to each case: dealing with each stage of the appeal, the lodging of documents, the hearing and the judgment.  The Case Details also contains a short summary of the issues in the case.

When documents are filed lodged electronically (as required by UKSC Rule 7(3)) then, we understand, they will be available through this system.  In other words, it will then be possible for the first time for members of the public to see the written arguments and other documents submitted to the highest court.  This is not being done at present because when appeals were commenced under the old rules no documents were lodged in electronic form.

The Supreme Court cases for which “Full Case Details” are available are presently as follows

Unfortunately, the same function on the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council website is not yet operational.   One step at a time.

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