Drawing by Isobel Williams

Drawing by Isobel Williams

Listed for two days from Tuesday are the linked matters of R (HS2 Action Alliance Ltd) v The Secretary of State for Transport & Anor, R (Heathrow Hub Limited & Anor) v The Secretary of State for Transport & Anor, and R (Buckinghamshire County Council & Ors) v The Secretary of State for Transport. The appellants in these matters seek to challenge the Secretary of State’s paper ‘High Speed Rail: Investing in Britain’s Future—Decisions and Next Steps’, which set out the government’s strategy for a national high speed rail network called High Speed Two running from London to Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds. The High Court found that the consultation process in respect of the compensation decision was so unfair as to be unlawful, but dismissed the claims on all other grounds, as did the Court of Appeal. The Supreme Court will determine whether the paper constitutes a ‘plan or program’ that falls within Directive 2001/42/EC arts 2 and 3 as transposed by the Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes Regulations 2004, and whether the issues are acte clair or should be referred to the CJEU.

On Wednesday 16 October 2013 the Supreme Court will hand down judgment in R (Chester) v Secretary of State for Justice; and McGeoch v Lord President of the Council & Anor.

There are no hearings listed in the Privy Council this week.

The following Supreme Court judgments remain outstanding:

Re an application by Central Craigavon Ltd for Judicial Review, heard 15 May 2013.

R v Gul, heard 25 – 26 June 2013.

Woodland v Essex County Council, heard 3 – 4 July 2013.

Patel & Ors v SSHD, Anwar v SSHD, and Alam v SSHD, heard 3 July 2013.

In the matter of “The Alexandros T” (Nos. 1, 2 and 3), heard 8 – 9 July 2013.

Szepietowski (Nee Seery) v The Serious Organised Crime Agency, heard 15 July 2013.

Bucnys v Ministry of Justice, Lithuania, Sakalis v Ministry of Justice, Lithuania, and Lavrov v Ministry of Justice, Estonia, heard 16 – 17 July 2013.

R (Hodkin & Anor) v Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages, heard 18 July 2013

R (Edwards & Anor) v Environment Agency & Ors, heard 22 July 2013.

Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust v James, heard 24 July 2013.

R (Reilly & Anor) v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, heard 29 July 2013.

R v Ahmad & Anor, heard 29 July 2013.

Cotter v Commissioner for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, heard 3 October 2013.

G v Scottish Ministers & Anor, heard 7 – 8 October 2013.

In the matter of an application by Martin Corey for Judicial Review, heard 7 October 2013.

Bull & Anor v Hall & Anor, heard 9 – 10 October 2013.