The fees regime for the new Supreme Court have been announced.

They represent a significant hike compared with fees at the House of Lords for appeals.  For example, the fee for presenting an appeal or seeking permission to appeal goes up from £570 to £800 and the fee for filing a statement of relevant facts goes up from £3,420 to £4,820, in both cases rises of more than 40%.  In addition, the new fees provide for copying charges at 50p per sheet or £5 if you want a document in electronic form.  It is not in fact clear to what documents these fees apply.  The Rules of the Supreme Court do not provide for obtaining any documents from the Court, for example along the lines of CPR 5.4C.

The Supreme Court is said to have cost £60 million to establish and will require a further £12 million per year in running costs.  This is compared to the House of Lords, whose judicial function was comparively negligible.