On Monday 19 April 2010 Sir John Dyson was sworn in as the twelfth justice of the Supreme Court.   The Court released an up to date “group photograph” (right), showing the court’s full complement of justices.   The Court’s restrained press office released its third press release of the year to mark the occasion.

The press release describes a “simple ceremony” in which Sir John took the judicial oath

watched by the other Justices of the Supreme Court, also dressed in their ceremonial robes, as well as friends, family and other guests”

As far as we are aware, the ceremony was not filmed (if we are wrong, please send us the link). The Press Release was not widely picked up.  The ceremony attracted a short comment on the Times “Law Central” blog and in the “Guardian”.  The absence of any other media comment reflects the court’s continuing low media profile. A report in the Solicitors’ Journal confirms that Sir John will not be known as a ‘lord’ and that new female justices of the Supreme Court will be referred to as ‘Dame’, rather than ‘Lady.’