The Court’s decision Radmacher v Granatino ([2010] UKSC 42) was widely reported in the media and the video footage, was unusually, shown by the media.  The Financial Times reported that “Family lawyers expect pre-nup rush” and Robert Verkaik in the “Independent” commented that the ruling would “benefit rich husbands most of all”  A number of newspapers ran “human interest” stories in which the successful wife was reported as criticizing her former husband – the nature of their content can be gauged from the fact that were subsequently removed from the papers’ websites. 

Most commentators acknowledged the “realism” of the decision but expressed regret about its implications.  A “Guardian” editorial summed up what is probably the general view of the decision:

To start off any marriage by planning for its failure – and the material consequences of that breakup – is to erode the basis of that relationship at the outset. Practical? Maybe. Regrettable? Certainly“.

The Court’s video footage of the hand down of judgment in the “pre-nuptial” agreement case of was, unusually,taken by the media and made available on the BBC News website as part of its report of the decision.