It has been announced by the Government of New Zealand that during a visit to New Zealand and Australia next January, Prince William is to open the newly built New Zealand Supreme Court building. The building, which in stark contrast to our own, is highly modernist, was commissioned in 2006.  It is scheduled to cost NZ$41m (or about £18.4m).  The story is reported in the Daily Telegraph

The New Zealand Supreme Court is a little cheaper than our own the refitting of which (the building was of course already there) cost £59m.  On the other hand, our Court building houses three courts whereas it appears that the New Zealand version will house just the one.

The NZ Supreme Court was established in 2004 when it replaced the line of appeal to the Privy Council in London.  The history of the court is set out here.  It comprises currently five judges (pictured right).  More information about the new building in New Zealand – including a webcam from the site – can be found on the NZ Ministry of Justice site.