A short video clip of the Supreme Court opening, including part of the speeches of Gordon Brown and Jack Straw has been posted on You Tube.  The clip also includes Sir Andrew Motion reading part of his poem and the actual act of opening by the Queen.  Life.com has a photograph of the Queen at the opening.

Different footage can be seen on the Wall Street Journal Website – this shows the Queen arriving, the judges and part of Lord Phillips’ speech.  The Wall Street Journal also has an interesting – though not entirely accurate – article on the new Court under the title “A UK Court without wigs”.  For a comment see Brian Barder’s “Ephems” blog.

There is widespread coverage of the opening around the world – although most of the media simply pick and repeat the Associated Press story with the headline “Queen Elizabeth II opens new UK Supreme Court” 

The occasion was marked by the long awaited UKSC Press Release No.2. This provides a partial list of attendees, who included the Chief Justices of the United States, New Zealand, Canada, India, the Cayman Islands, Trinidad and Tobago and the Falkland Islands but not, apparently, any judicial representatives from EU countries.

C-Span has a further new video of the opening ceremony which is on You Tube – we picked this up from the C-Span twitter feed.  It has long extract from the Prime Minister’s speech.  It is perhaps a little strange that this event is covered best by a US Channel.  Why doesn’t our own public service broadcaster have this film?

There are more photographs here.   There is an article about the opening on e-politiX.com and the BBC has a piece about Strode College students.  Otherwise there is appears to be nothing about the opening in the mainstream media.

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