The Times has petitioned the House of Lords in the “jury reporting” contempt case, which led to it being fined £15,000 for publishing information concerning jury deliberations.

In the case of HM Attorney-General v Times Newspapers Limited  ([2009] EWHC 1023 Admin) a juror and the Times Newspapers were found guilty of contempt of court .  The juror spoke to the Times about what had taken place in the jury room in a high profile criminal case.  He said  the “consensus was taken three minutes after the foreman was voted in. It was 10-2 against, all based on the evidence. After that there was no going back”.  The Administrative Court found that this was a breach of section 8 of the Contempt of Court Act 1981 which provides that “it is a contempt of court to obtain, disclose or solicit any particulars of statements made, opinions expressed, arguments advanced or votes cast by members of a jury in the course of their deliberations in any legal proceedings.”   The Court rejected a number of arguments advanced by the Times based on Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights.  The Times was fined £15,000 and the juror was fined £500.

The Times has now petitioned the House of Lords:
Her Majesty’s Attorney General (Respondent) v Seckerson and others (Petitioners) The petition of Times Newspapers Limited praying for leave to appeal in accordance with the Administration of Justice Act 1960 was presented and referred to an Appeal Committee”.

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