The Supreme Court will be closed on Monday 3 May 2010 for the May Bank Holiday and no cases have been scheduled for Tuesday 4 May. On 5 and 6 May 2010, a seven judge panel consisting of Lords Phillips, Saville, Rodger, Walker, Brown, Clarke and Sir John Dyson SCJ will hear the control order case of Secretary of State for the Home Department v AP. The appellant was the subject of a control order which confined him to a flat for 16 hours a day, away from the location of his family. Our preview article on this case can be found here.  Further details about the case can be found on the Supreme Court’s website here.

Lord Kerr was replaced on this panel last week by Lord Saville who also sat on last week’s Supreme Court Appeal, replacing Lord Rodger.  The latter travelled to Mauritius to replace Lord Kerr on the Judicial Committee last week.  These changes can be found on the updated Judicial Sittings List (version 6).

The Court has also announced that on Wednesday judgment will be handed down in two cases, both appeals from the Scottish Court of Session. The first is Farstad Supply AS v Enviroco Limited and another, which was previewed by this blog here. The second case is Inveresk plc v Tullis Russel Papermakers Limited, previewed here. The proposed bench for hand-down will be made up by Lords Phillips, Rodger and Clarke. Further details on each case can be found on the Supreme Court website here and here respectively.

After last week’s busy timetable in Mauritius, the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council will have no hearings and give no judgments.

Judgments outstanding

The following Supreme Court judgments remain outstanding:

R (Sainsbury’s) v Wolverhampton City Council, heard 1-2 Feb 2010

R (SK) (Zimbabwe) v Secretary of State for the Home Department, heard 10-11 Feb 2010

ZN (Afghanistan) v Entry Clearance Officer, heard 15 Feb 2010

Roberts v Gill, heard 22-23 February 2010

R (on the application of Smith) (FC) v Secretary of State for Defence, heard 15-17 March 2010

Radmacher v Granatino, heard 22-23 March 2010

A v Essex County Council, heard 24-25 March 2010

OB (by his mother and litigation friend) (FC) v Aventis Pasteur, heard 14-15 April 2010

In the matter of an Application by JR17 for judicial Review (NI), heard 19-20 April 2010

Austin (FC) v Mayor and Burgesses of the London Borough of Southwark, heard 21-22 April 2010

MS Palestinian Territories (FC) v Secretary of State for the Home Department, heard 26-27 April

The following Privy Council judgments are awaited:

Larry Winslow Marshall v Deputy Governor of Bermuda, heard 22-23 February 2010

F B M Nahaboo and others v N Parsooramen and others, heard 26 April 2010

Marie Jean Mirbel and others v The State of Mauritius, heard 27 April 2010

Gangasingh Aubeeluck and Moodoosoodun v The State of Mauritius, heard 28 April 2010

Societe Royal Gardens et Compagnie, heard 29 April 2010

138 others v Mauritius Revenue Authority, heard 29 April 2010

Devendranath Huram v K Bholah, heard 30 April 2010