Hearings in the Supreme Court are now shown live on the Court’s website.

On Monday 12 until Thursday 15 February, the Supreme Court will hear the appeal of Warner-Lambert Company LLC v Generics (UK) Ltd t/a Mylan & Anor. This appeal will consider whether (and what) role plausibility should play in the statutory test for sufficiency, and whether a patent should be held insufficient for lack of plausibility even though it is in fact enabled across the full scope of the claim. It will also consider, if a plausibility test is appropriate, provided there is basis to support the claim across part of its scope, whether later evidence can be used to fill the gap, and what the correct approach is to (and the use of expert evidence in) the construction of patent claims. The appeal will also consider whether a post-trial application to amend an invalid patent claim to limit it to a part found to be plausible is an abuse of process. This will be heard in Courtroom 1.

On Tuesday 13 February, the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council will hear the appeal of Robin’s Nest Interiors (Mauritius) Ltd v Director General Mauritius Revenue Authority & Ors (Mauritius). This appeal will consider whether the decision of the first respondent can be challenged by way of judicial review or whether the taxpayer’s remedy is limited to an appeal before the Assessment Review Committee (and thus whether the Supreme Court was correct to refuse leave on this basis). It will also consider whether the Supreme Court was correct in its approach to the appellant’s avements, and whether in light of these alternative remedies were available, and whether leave for judicial review should have been refused in relation to the second, third, and fourth respondents on the basis of the Mauritius Revenue Authority Act 2004, s 3(2), or that the complaint does not relate to their conduct. This will be heard in Courtroom 2.

On Wednesday 14 February, the Supreme Court will hand down judgments in the cases of Re C (Children); SM (Algeria) v Entry Clearance Officer, UK Visa Section [UKSC Blog case preview] and R (Mott) v Environment Agency. The proposed bench for hand-down will be Lady Hale, and Lords Carnwath and Hughes.

On Wednesday 14 until Thursday 15 February, the Supreme Court will hear the appeal of Williams & Anor v London Borough of Hackney. This appeal will consider the lawfulness of the accommodation of the appellants’ children by the respondent under the Children Act 1989, s 20. This will be heard in Courtroom 2.

A full list of the cases scheduled for the Hilary term can be found here.


The following Supreme Court judgments remain outstanding:

Keefe (by his litigation friend Eyton) v Hoteles Pinero Canarias SL, heard 7 Mar 2017.

Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis v DSD & Anor, heard 13-14 Mar 2017.

SM (Algeria) v Entry Clearance Officer UK Visa Section, heard 23 Mar 2017 and further, 29 Nov 2017.

Arcadia Petroleum Ltd & Ors v Bosworth & Anor, heard 10-11 Apr 2017.

Four Seasons Holdings Incorporated v Brownlie, heard 9-10 May 2017.

In the matter of C (Children), heard 9-10 Oct 2017.

Morris-Garner v One Step (Support) Ltd, heard 11-12 Oct 2017.

In the matter of an application by Kevin Maguire for Judicial Review, heard 19 Oct 2017.

Reference by the Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland pursuant to Paragraph 33 of Schedule 10 to the Northern Ireland Act 1998 (Abortion), heard 24-26 Oct 2017.

R (Black) v Secretary of State for Justice, heard 31 Oct-1 Nov 2017.

Steel & Anor v NRAM PLC (Scotland), heard 7 Nov 2017.

Newcastle upon Tyne Hospital NHS Foundation Trust v Haywood, heard 20 Nov 2017.

R (AR) v Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police & Anor, heard 21 Nov 2017.

Barton v Wright Hassall LLP, heard 22 Nov 2017.

R v McCool (Northern Ireland); R v Harkin (Northern Ireland), heard 23 Nov 2017.

Dryden & Ors v Johnson Matthey Plc, heard 27-28 Nov 2017.

Burnden Holdings (UK) Ltd v Fielding & Anor, heard 7 Dec 2017.

A v B & Anor, heard 12 Dec 2017.

R (Mott) v Environment Agency, heard 13 Dec 2017.

R (Stott) v Secretary of State for Justice, heard 18 Jan 2018.

JSC BTA Bank v Khrapunov, heard 24-25 Jan 2018.

Iceland Foods Ltd v Berry (Valuation Officer), heard 25 Jan 2018.

Cartier International AG & Ors v British Telecommunications Plc & Anor, heard 30 Jan 2018.

Rock Advertising Ltd v MWB Business Exchange Centres Ltd, heard 1 Feb 2018.

Gavin Edmondson Solicitors Ltd v Haven Insurance Company Ltd, heard 5 Feb 2018.

R (FA (Pakistan)) v Secretary of State for the Home Department, heard 7 Feb 2018.