We have been asked by the Hansard Society to highlight their “democracy forum” which they are hosting at 6.30 pm, on Tuesday, 10 November 10 at Portcullis House, Westminster entitled “Constitutional Change: Who gains? Who loses?”

The Society say that “Professor Vernon Bogdanor’s new work The New British Constitution critiques how little has been done to secure more popular involvement in politics, arguing that the next phase of constitutional reform must involve the creation of new forms of democratic engagement.”  The debate will focus on “making our constitutional forms more congruent with the social and political forces of our age” and will feature:

  • Graham Allen MP – Reform of the House of Commons Select Committee
  • Professor Vernon Bogdanor – Author of The New British Constitution
  • David Howarth MP – Reform of the House of Commons Select Committee
  • Sir George Young MP – Shadow Leader of the House of Commons
  • Chair: Dr Ruth Fox – Director of Hansard Society Parliament & Government Programme

Further details and/or registration can be obtained as follows:


Tel:020 7438 1216