It has been reported by the legal journal Family Law Week that the Supreme Court has allowed the grandmother’s appeal in the case of Re B (a child) (previewed here).  It is said the Supreme Court has restored the decision of the Magistrates’ Court granting her custody rather than the father.  Reasons will be given at a later date.

The grandmother was represented by Alison Ball QC and Peter Horrocks of 1 Garden Court and the father by Pamela Scriven QC of 1 King’s Bench Walk and Cherie Parnell of East Anglian Chambers. The mother was in person.

The 1 Garden Court website does not mention the result of the case but mentions a second junior for the applicant, Lucy Sprinz who, it is saidhas the great distinction of signing out the first ever book from the Supreme Court Library”.  We have no further information about this historic first.


We will add more news about the decision in Re B when it is available.


As a footnote, Family Law Week also has a comment about the other family case heard this week, Re I (a child) in which it is noted

This case appears also to be the first case where members of the Bar have not been robed to make their submissions, the court having agreed that it would not be appropriate or necessary to wear robes on this occasion.