The recent control order case, AF v Home Secretary, has already attracted a number of postings on UKSC Blog. It has also been the subject of extensive press comment. Most of this has welcomed the approach of the House of Lords although not everyone was pleased by the decision.

The Independent covered the case in the news section and back this up with a leading article entitled “A timely rebuke to this official culture of secrecy”.  This was a ringing endorsment of the House of Lords approach, ending with the peroration
“for this Government, maintaining the veil of secrecy in its counter-terrorism activity is a higher priority than maintaining the rule of law. Until they change that mindset, ministers should expect more humiliating rebukes of the sort they received yesterday from the Law Lords”.

The Guardian also gave the case news coverage providing one of its helpful “Explainers”  for the uninitiated.

In the Times Frances Gibb was of the view that the control order regime was in disarray.  The case was also discussed on the Times’ “Law Central” blog.

The Economist sought to put the matter in a slightly wider context, pointing out that Britian has been a pioneer in the use of secret hearings and special advocates.  The Mail and the Daily Telegraph also ran news stories which treated the decision in a positive way.

The case also generated comment internationally, with a long piece in the Washington Post.

As already noted on this Blog, Melanie Phllips provided a strong dissenting view – telling the readers of her blog (now hosted by the Spectator” that “The Law Lords make Britain unsafe yet again”

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