The US public service news network, C-Span has a 38 minute video of last Monday’s first appeal before the what they described as “the new British Supreme Court.”   It begins with an interview with Joshua Rozenberg “on the phone” from a London phone box (see his blog posting).  The screenshot to the right shows Rabinder Singh QC.

 After the interview with Joshua Rozeberg, at just over 9 minutes the video has a long clip of the submissions of “Tim Owen, Lead Counsel for the Appellants” (C-Span describes him).  The video then has another 28 minutes of footage of the hearing.

This video is of particular interest to C-Span as video footage of the US Supreme Court is not available.  As we pointed out in an earlier post, video footage and webcasts of the Canadian Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights is available on the internet.  There are no immediate plans for webcasts of the Supreme Court.

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