In the spirit of openness and public accountability (and following the update on our ‘information wish list‘), we’d like to draw readers’ attention to the statistics, corporate information and business plan recently published by the Supreme Court.  These are found on what we suspect is a little visited page on “Corporate Information” on the Court’s Website.

The Corporate Information Statistics 2009-10 is not a particularly long document and has no explanatory notes.  Amongst other things, the document outlines the number of permission to appeal applications, permission applications granted and appeals where judgment has yet to be given. It discloses that 56 applications for permission were received last term and that permission was granted in 20 cases.  It also shows that a total of 13 incidental applications were determined – there is, unfortunately, no record of what these were.  The statistics for “appeals listed during next term” are hard to interpret (it is not clear whether they are cumulative or not) and we look forward to more explanation in next terms version.

The UKSC “mission and strategic objectives” can be found here. We’re somewhat reassured to see that the Court’s mission is to ensure that “the President, Deputy President and Justices of the Court can deliver just and effective determinations of appeals heard by the Court in ways which also best develop the Rule of Law and the administration of justice”. Also, given our previously-mentioned information wish list, we’re also pleased to see that “the UKSC, as the statutory custodian of its own records, will provide the most appropriate environment it can for the organization, preservation and future inspection of those records.”

Finally, we draw attention to the Court’s business plan and the Minutes of the Management Board which can be found here.