supreme-courtFollowing our piece on the same-sex equality cases that were heard in the US Supreme Court last week, the editors of the UKSC Blog have commissioned a series of further articles relating to these cases which will be published on the blog over the next few days.

The first piece will be an article specifically written for us by SCOTUS Blog’s Lyle Denniston, and the second post will take the form of a joint piece by Dan Tench and Hugh Tomlinson QC.   The focus of these pieces is not so much on the details of the cases themselves but rather to reflect more generally on the US Supreme Court’s central involvement in a matter of very current public and political concern and its traditional role in advancing important social and moral debates in the US, and contrasting that with the more limited role the courts have had in matters of public concern in the UK. 

We will also be publishing a third article which has been penned by lawyers from US firm Christian & Small LLP.  This piece considers the possible outcomes of both of the cases heard by the US Supreme Court last week (the judgments for which are expected in June).  

Happy reading!