Further to our post of 3 October, The Supreme Court: An Interim Judgment, which was a re-posting of a feature written by UKSCBlog Editors for Legalweek, Ben Wilson, Head of Communications of the UKSC has asked us to point out the funding mechanism of the UKSC in more detail. In our article, we indicated that the UKSC budget is granted to it by the Ministry of Justice. In fact, the UKSC budget originates from a bid made by the Court itself, via the Lord Chancellor, to the Treasury as part of the Spending Review process.  Once agreed, the settlement goes directly to the UKSC. As well as the general monies from the Exchequer, the financial resources of the UKSC comprise several other sources including:

– a contribution from HM Courts & Tribunals Services/Ministry of Justice;
– contributions from the Scottish Government and the Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service based on the average proportion of civil cases received from each of these jurisdictions each year; and
– income generated from court fees and other initiatives such as corporate venue hire, souvenirs and the UKSC cafe.

The UKSC accounts for its own financial resources with UKSC Chief Executive, Jenny Rowe, as Accounting Officer.