The Supreme Court yesterday held a first anniversary seminar, following on from the 2008 Queen Mary College Seminars held in anticipation of the creation of the Court.  The seminar which was held at the Court was attended by Justices, Judges from the other United Kingdom jurisdictions, academics and practitioners.   The sessions were chaired by Professor Kate Malleson and Professor Andrew le Sueur.

A number of short papers were presented.  In the first session Dr Richard Cornes talked about the leadership function in the United Kingdom’s Supreme Court, the Court’s President, Lord Phillips discussed the size of panels and allocation of cases and Chief Executive Jenny Rowe discussed budgetary and administrative issues.  In the second session Professor Brice Dickson discussed the permission stage and Lady Hale presented a paper on judgment writing.

There was a lively discussion, conducted under Chatham House Rules.  Some interesting points emerged about the way in which the Court decides the size of panels, the decision making process on the permission stage and the way in which judgments are written.  We will discuss some of these issues in future posts.