The Supreme Court has pushed back deadlines for filing documents at the court so that they do not clash with the Olympics. The Supreme Court announced on Friday that, “due to the expected traffic disruption in the central London area during the Olympic Games this summer, and in a bid to help reduce unnecessary travel, the Registries will also close from 4.30pm on Thursday 26 July until 10am on Monday 13 August. If your time limit for filing documents expires during this period, it will be extended automatically until 13 August 2012.” Registry offices for the court will shut from 26 July at 4:30pm to 13 August at 10am.  No hearings are set for this period as the court will be in recess, but, unlike in any other year, any deadlines that fall in this period have been delayed to 13 August. A Supreme Court spokesman said: “We have taken the decision to stop the clock on the deadline for lodging appeal papers with the court over the Olympic Games to help reduce extra journeys into central London.”