The Court has somewhat belatedly made available an order granted on 6 October in Re I (A child) allowing (a) Reunite International Abduction Centre and (b) The Centre for Family Law and Practice to intervene in the hearing before the Court.  The case in fact was heard yesterday and today.  We do not know as yet who was instructed by the respective Centres.  Unfortunately, neither of the interveners have followed the example of JUSTICE in the A v HM Treasury case in posting their submissions on the web.

 Reunite have recently intervened in the US Supreme Court Hague Convention case of Abbott v Abbott – details of which can be found on the ScotUS Wiki.  Their brief in that case – partly drafted by English counsel – can be found on ScotUS Wiki.

It appears that the Court will post interim orders such as this in a compedious posting containing all such orders on the news page of its website.