Former Court of Appeal judge Lord Justice Wilson will be sworn in this morning as a Justice of the Supreme Court at a ceremony at the Parliament Square court building. His appointment follows the retirement of Lord Saville last year.

Lord Phillips, President of the Supreme Court, will conduct the simple ceremony in which Lord Justice Wilson will take the Judicial Oath and Oath of Allegiance in front of other Supreme Court Justices dressed in their ceremonial robes, as well as friends, family and other guests. It has become tradition for a new Justice to shake hands with each of their fellow Justices in turn, before bowing to them. The bench of Justices will then bow to the new Justice in return.

This is the second swearing-in of a new Justice since the Supreme Court was inaugurated in October 2009, and the first to be broadcast live over the internet through the new live streaming service offered by Sky News (

At the time of his appointment, Lord Justice Wilson said: “I am deeply honoured by my appointment which presents a huge challenge and casts a heavy burden of responsibility. I hope to contribute wisely to the development of the law.”