Asysco, a technology company with offices in Egham, Birmingham and Bolton, has just announced that it won the contract for fitting out the Supreme Court with audio / visual facilities. 

 The facilities apparently include:

1.  high definition cameras together microphone and speech reinforcement systems in each court room;

2.  a main gallery with a studio console and a smaller gallery space with a non-linear editing system; and

3.  live footage link to two outside broadcast boxes at the front of the building and direct feeds to Millbank Studios in Westminster for distribution to broadcast televisions.

The fact that we can see justice dispensed at the highest level in high definition is surely to be welcomed.  However, so far footage of proceedings from the Court has not been made available on the Internet and has received a very limited audience.  The system installed will also it seems “enable the Ministry of Justice to make recorded footage available to internal intranet users and the wider online community too”.  The making available of the video feed online would be a very welcome development.