The Supreme Court published an advert for the position of President of the Supreme Court last week.

According to the information pack:

“Successful candidates will have to demonstrate independence of mind and integrity and that they meet the criteria listed below TO AN EXCEPTIONAL DEGREE.

– Knowledge and experience of the law.

– Intellectual ability and interest in the law, with a significant capacity for analysing and exploring legal problems creatively and flexibly.

– Clarity of thought and expression, reflected particularly in written work.

– An ability to work under pressure and to produce work with reasonable expedition.”

In addition to those qualities, “The successful candidates will also need to demonstrate the following:

– Social awareness and understanding of the contemporary world.

– An ability to work with colleagues, respecting their views, but also being able to challenge and debate in a constructive way.

– A willingness and capability to participate in the wider representational role of a Supreme Court Justice, for example, delivering lectures, participating in conferences, and talking to students and other groups.

– Vision, coupled with an appreciation of the role of the Court in contributing to the development of the law.”

There are also some additional requirements for the job as President of the Court, including the unenviable task of mediating between judges who disagree. Candidates have to submit examples of written work and publications, and serving judges must submit copies of “two judgments only where their contribution has advanced legal thinking or changed the existing law, with a brief explanation of why those judgments have been chosen.”

Don’t all rush to apply at once.