The editors of the UKSC Blog learned with great sadness earlier this week of the death of former Justice, Lord Kerr of Tonaghmore.  Lord Kerr sadly passed away earlier this week at the age of 72.  He was only two months into a well-deserved retirement.  All at the UKSC Blog would like to offer our condolences to Lord Kerr’s family and friends, and all those in the UK legal community who have been shocked and saddened at this news.

Lord Kerr was a great supporter of the UKSC Blog and of young people’s interest in the work of the UK Supreme Court more generally.  A kind man, always with time for others, he encouraged us to keep the UKSC Blog going over the years.  He gave his time freely, in particular by offering us an interview in 2017, where he spoke passionately about the work of the UK Supreme Court’s judicial assistant programme.  Describing the benefits of the programme, not just for the young person, but also the Court, he said this: “We’re getting a perspective on a problem from a young person which we might not necessarily have if we were left to our own resources“.  A decade on from our launch, we were delighted to welcome Lord Kerr to our 10th anniversary celebration at the UK Supreme Court last year, where he sat proudly amongst our guests, and enjoyed a UKSC Blog themed cupcake.

The Court’s tribute to Lord Kerr, with which we join, is available to read here:

Our interview with Lord Kerr in 2017, where he discusses the work of the Court and its judicial assistant programme, is available here:

Our thoughts are with all those who knew and loved Lord Kerr.