The Law Lords have granted permission for an appeal against the extradition for Andrew Symeou. This will be an opportunity for the Supreme Court (as it is likely to be by the time the appeal is heard) to consider the terms of the Extradition Act 2003.

Andrew SymeouIn 2007, Symeou, a British citizen, was on holiday in Greece when he was accused of punching another man and causing his death. He left the country and returned to the United Kingdom stating he did not know had been implicated and denying that he was involved. Some ten months later, the Greek authorities issued an European Arrest Warrant for him. This was granted by a district judge. He appealed to the Court of Appeal stating in essence that it was an abuse of process in light various alleged defects in the investigation by the Greek police.

The Court of Appeal held that any alleged defects were irrelevant to the extradition application and that the abuse did not extend to misconduct or bad faith by the police of the requesting state.

The case is likely to be heard next term before the newly inducted Supreme Court.

A digest of the Court of Appeal decision is here.  The BBC report is here.