Detailed information on the UKSC’s current cases is now provided on the Court’s website.

This part of the site looks quite interesting, and includes information on the receipt of various documents, the parties and the panel. 

However, UKSCBlog has noticed that some slight errors appear to have crept in.

For example, in the record for In re B (a child) (2009) (FC) the form asserts that permission to appeal was granted by the Court below – but someone should perhaps tell Lord Justice Wall who refused the application. It’s also suggested that the PTA was referred to the Justices on 24 July, and permission granted on 30 July 2009 – we would have expected it to take longer.

Similarly in Re I (a child) it’s suggested that the permission to appeal application was referred to the Justices on 1 October 2009 – even though the case was listed on 16 September 2009. It’s also noted that the lower Court granted permission to appeal, which would mean there was no reference to the Justices.

Several fields are on all existing case records are also currently blank.

We hope that these are just teething troubles.

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