Leisha Bond

The Supreme Court has delivered its judgment in Vince v Wyatt and appears to have sent the public into a frenzy (those that are on Twitter anyway)!  There appear to be 2 camps:

A) The ‘it’s a result for hitherto undervalued mothers’ brigade, as per the headline in the Guardian today: Finally, divorced women who bring up the children have some legal value. This surprised me as certainly for as long as I have been practising at the Bar (16 years), women have been valued for that role in applications for financial provision upon divorce. London is not considered the divorce capital of the world for no reason.

B) The “judges have gone insane and this woman is a disgrace to womankind and should support herself” camp.

Both miss the point.  The Supreme Court has not given her a penny.  It has simply given her the possibility of having her case heard.

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