This case concerns the alleged maladministration of a GP’s practice in Northern Ireland and its implications on the correct interpretation of the powers of Northern Ireland’s Commissioner of Complaints. A
patient, clinically diagnosed as being asymptomatic requested his GP to have his heart checked. The GP referred the patient for an
electrocardiogram test in July 2008. The ECG reported negative for ischemic heart disease, and as a result the GP took no further action. In December 2008, the patient attended the practice again to complain about further chest pains, and was referred to a chest pain clinic. The clinic wrote to the practice outlining reasons for not giving the patient an appointment. The patient attended the practice once again in January 2009 and was seen to by a locum GP, where he inquired about his lack of appointment at the clinic. The locum GP referred the patient for another ECG scan, unfortunately, the patient died of a myocardial infarction later that day. Continue reading »